Dating back to 1857, The Mas du Naoc reminds you of old times in  many ways like the original terracota floor tiles, the thick stone walls with ironwork railings here and there. While keeping the authenticity of the place, each room has been remodelled carefully with contemporary refinement.

The hostess has chosen natural materials for her creations, making the house a warm and cosy place.  One feels just like  home,  surrounded by the wonderful mix of simplicity and the beauty of daily life.

Offering 2 guest rooms and a suite, everybody can find his/her space for a restful stay. For better comfort, you can use a kitchen as well as a large lounge  with a woodstove.  The  room Côté sud which has its own kitchen and a private terrace with a view on the Mediterranean sea.

The Mas du Naoc reveals the owners’s willingness to associate timeless elegance and stylish decoration . Nothing is left to chance, every single detail has been cared for, and the colours  judiciously chosen to create a trendy atmosphere while keeping the genuine authenticity and charm of the place.

Sandra, the creative hostess, transforms a length of hemp fabric into a bedspread or a piece of wood into a lamp. She has a remarkable insight on how to change the use of an object into an altogether different one. She  rummages in flea markets or garage sales, uses her brain to design and make felt lampshades, baskets, cushions, portable lamps,  so as to create a snug and modern atmosphere  in total adequation with the charm of the place.